Mobile Production 3 hours 

Lets cover the 5 principles of mobile film making and video blogging to understand what our smart devices are able to achieve.

Chapter 1 : Camera Setting

Let’s sort out the Grid and Framerates.

10 mins.

Chapter 2 : Composition and Framing

Rule of thirds and much more.

10 mins.

Chapter 3 : Locate the Mic

If they can’t hear you they will new understand.

5 mins.

Chapter 4 : Lock the Wrist and Arm

We don’t want to make our audience feel sick.

1 min.

Chapter 5 : Exposure Tricks

Lock the exposure and colour.

10 mins.

Chapter 6 : Start where you want to finish

Planning your shot and ensure the correct exposure for the start of your shot.

10 mins.

Chapter 7 : Always look at the camera

Audience engagement is critical.

10 mins.

Chapter 8 : Story is king.

Build your story with all the elements you need – rememberer you can always capture them after – they don’t need to be in real time.

10 mins.

Chapter 9 : Slide to reveal

Let’s use some fancy in-camera transitions to make our content engaging starting with the slide reveal.

10 mins.

Chapter 10 : Panning and Tilting

Now let’s add some panning and tilting.

10 mins.

Chapter 10 : Play Time

So now put all these skills into practice and make some engaging content.

10 mins.

Martin Ainsworth

Director of Media Ministries YFC

From a professional media background and joined YFC International in 2013 after engaging in a media project across Asia Pacific, seeing the desire within staff to engage at a professional level within their missional field. Now the Director of Media Ministries, his role is to create strategies and staff training programs that help engage in a digital mission field.