We come in peace, to train “Gospel Cultural Disputers”.

This five day course is broken into three core areas, technical, creative and social.

This is the Multi Agency Digital Academy – Where we train “Digital Disrupters” who inspire as content creators within the local churchr Christ Globally, and reach out to those who are seeking for answers to questions about faith and wrestling if there is a God who made it all.

Become an expert

Vision // That the emerging generation would be shaped and influenced by Christian thought, scriptural perspective and the gospel through culturally relevant and engaging content on YouTube. 

 Background // The challenge of using digital spaces to engage young people with the story of God, whilst supporting face-to-face relationships, has seen a number of collaborative projects emerge over the last several years, and an evident sense of the need for something that is global, well-structured, strongly supported, and has longevity. Digital ministry must serve the local church.